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La Torre del Vilar have 7 rooms, all very spacious and well equipped, with bathroom, heating, air conditioning, LCD TV, terrace etc… One on the ground floor, the ‘dels avis’, so that you can access it in a wheelchair and completely adapted.

Suite del Bisbe

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the presence of the church in the homes of wealthy people was common. In the case of the La Torre del Vilar it was much more evident by the fact of having a consecrated chapel inside. Bishop was treated with much consideration by the family and are legendary refined gastronomic tastes. This room was used by the Bishop of the diocese in their home visits.

Suite les Minyones

They were very important in the running of the household, the number of maids gave an idea of ​​the family and its economic potential was important. And unlike other employees, they lived and slept in the main house. The room was set aside for them depended on the amount of maids made up the service but always very close to the other main rooms of the house. It is said that the owner visited this room often, but not to have seen.

Suite dels Amos

In traditional Catalan families, the figure of the patriarch was very important, for it was he who decided, all important aspects of family and controlled all activities of the house, no matter how small. Their decisions were respected i obeyed by all. His room was always better targeted house.


Suite del Hereu

All Catalan families wished with all his strength, was born a male, ie «L’Hereu» the heir, the first child was predestined to perpetuate figure properties and family activities. All lands inherited the ancestral home i was so to avoid having to allocate fields among the children making them ever smaller and unproductive. When married his wife occupied a room on the right of their parents at home.

Suite la Pubilla

The eldest daughter was the target of the main dowry – prize, livestock and utensils for the house, the family was willing to offer it in marriage to a good suitor to marry her best, so yes, it was essential to arrive virgin wedding night. His room was the most watched, to prevent the impetuosity of youth, this will exclude the complicated web of alliances among the most important families in the region.

Suite del Hereuet

The eldest child of the heir (hereu), was the recipient of all the attention of the women of the house, and most of the maids, one of them, the housekeeper, was in charge of meeting all your needs. His room was a small house, but always well targeted and well ventilated.

Suite dels Avis

In the houses of the era of La Torre del Vilar, they were living in the same house up to four generaciones. The Grandparents (Els Avis), were highly respected for their experience and treated with great consideration. always they had a room on the ground floor, very close to the chapel and to the kitchen, to provide them with more regular journeys.