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Central Patio

The house is structured around a central courtyard in the style of the era, «Al Andalus», with clear memories of the Alhambra in Granada, remember that this house was conceived as a summer residence, and the freshness concept was very important, and a central courtyard that rises to the top, it is a guarantee that the temperature will remain cool.


In the Library Tower of Vilar is a fundamental part. The bibliographic house begins in 1780 with documents buying and selling of shares and continues with family correspondence, religious literature, weeklies bound, technical books, novels, encyclopedias, etc. late nineteenth century and the twentieth century. Podreís see anything. It will take you to the recent past, but with habits and customs far removed from today. And at the same time and because we are in the twenty-first century, it is at your disposal a computer with internet connection.


In the Catalan wealthy houses, there was a backbone of everyday life, religion, everything that was done was conditioned by religion or tradition. And not the presence of a chapel inside the house, where all the extraordinary events were held & nbsp became strange;. (Weddings, baptisms, deaths, etc …) the daily prayer and Sunday Mass was also celebrated


We also have a jacuzzi in the interior for moments of relaxation.