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La Torre del Vilar





La Torre del Vilar is a small rural hotel with only 7 rooms, 5 suites, all decorated with antiques nineteenth century, but with all the comforts of XXI century. Tourism practice a quiet, unhurried, contact with nature and based on a traditional way of doing.

We try every day to offer our customers a traditional cuisine with a touch of inspiration but always based on grandmother’s recipes and products strict quality.

The jacuzzi, gardens, hiking or biking, are some of the activities that can be performed. Other interesting visits can be in Vic with its market, the cathedral, the roman temple or the narrow streets of the historic center. A trip to Sau, Ripoll, Rupit, L’Estany, or Moià Montseny.

Or simply read and let your imagination.



La Torre del Vilar have 7 rooms, all very spacious and well equipped, with bathroom, heating, air conditioning, LCD TV, terrace etc. One on the ground floor, the dels avis, so you can access it in a wheelchair and completely adapted.



The house is structured around a central courtyard in the style of the period “Al Andalus”, with obvious memories of the Alhambra of Granada, it is necessary to remember that this house was conceived like residence of summer.
In Torre del Vilar the Library is a fundamental part. The bibliographic background of the house begins in the year 1780 with documents of purchase and sale of shares and continues with family correspondence, religious literature, bound weekly, technical books, novels, encyclopedias, etc.

Of the end of the 19th century and the whole of the 20th century. You can consult anything.
In the Catalan wealthy houses, there was a backbone of everyday life, religion, everything that was done was conditioned by religion or tradition. Thus, the presence of a chapel in the interior of the house, where all extraordinary events (weddings, baptisms, deaths, etc …) were celebrated.


The space that occupies the entire extent of Vilar estate (132 hectares) is very considerable, to a land of smallhoudings whole farm, a little more than half is forest, and the rest arable land, and especially cultivated cereal. The forest is mainly pine and oak, with a small population of oak.

The farm furrow, numerous paths that allow you to get to crops, and also serve for walking or cycling.


In the restaurant of the Torre del Vilar we try every day the square of the circle, the ideal cocktail: A traditional cuisine with 85% of traditional dishes, 10% update of recipes, and 5% of innovation without any pretension, All this in decent quantities and with competitive prices.

Pool and jacuzzi

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La Torre del Vilar

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